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Do you want to make your guest house or appartment more comfortable to your guests? Do you want make them to come back some day and to recommend your place to their friends?

I will help you to design the interiors of your rooms to be more comfortable and agreeable, so the guests will live there for those couple of days of their vacation more conveniently. I can design the rooms in a united way or in the way that every room will have its own atmosphere. Your room will become cozy and you will gain the competitive advantage over the other accommodation companies. You will differentiate (which is very importatnt these days) and you will assure the contentment of the guests, they will then recommend you and come back one day.


I travel a lot and I usually book an accommodation in the guest houses. Why? I want to have more space and comfort, own kitchen to have a possibility to cook my own food. However, I spend a lot of time looking for the right accommodation, because lots of them are not well and effectively equipped, furniture is not logically placed, colours don't match and the each equipment is different. I wouldn't order this kind of accommodation, I rather pick the nicer one. 


Call me or write me an e-mail and we will set an appointment to discuss your requirements and conditions. This first meeting is FOR FREE. I work along entire Czech republic, so there is no need to worry of the distance.

We will arrange the price individually, it will depend on the complexity of the space, number of rooms and their conditions and diversity.