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"I graduated from University of Economics Prague. Besides that, 2 years ago, I started to pursue the interior design which I fell in love with. I started to deeply study it. I read the specalized books and I attended a course: Basis of interior design in "Online škola bytového designu a podnikání", which is managed by Ing. Jana Pěkná. It was my kick-off to my career. I like to plan and design the rooms, arrange the decorations, and rearrange the dispositions according to the efficiency. And naturally the colors and style to match. Me personally, I love the scandinavian design, as well as the rustic one. I like also the modern style of the interior design. So if you prefer those styles, I think we will get along with each other. However, I don't refuse to design another styles, because I study everyday something new, I still attend the proffesional lectures and read the specialized books and I like to try something new. I am here for you and I will do my best to make you happy with our cooperation. Moreover it will make me happy if you will start enjoying the living in your new houses and flats after that.

And are you curious what I am doing in my leisure time?

I love to dance and travel...and eat!

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