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Do you have any questions concerning your interior? Do you need any piece of advise on choosing the particular equipment to match well to your current equipment? Do you need to help e.g. which floor would be suitable for your room? Or you can't choose between several variants and you need an opinion from someone, who will help you not just from the point of the design but also from the point of suitability to your given conditions?


Let's meet and discuss everything you need!

Book a cosultation via e-mail or phone. We will set an appointment e.g. in the nearest café and we will discuss your questions. The form of a consultation can be also via skype or phone, if it's more suitable for you.

Price per 1 hour of consultation: 1500 CZK

Do you have just few questions and you don't want to pay for whole hour? There is a possibility to have just a 30 min. consultation!

                                                                                            (Valid just in Prague)

Price per 30 min consultation: 800 CZK 

If we have already cooperated on some project and you need another consultation, there is reduce price for you: 700 CZK per hour!